Getting passengers to their destination after things go wrong

The Challenge

Create a rebooking system to manage passenger load in the 21s century.

The Outcome

The first system in the world capable of rebooking hundreds of thousands of passengers in seconds.

The Impact

licensed by United, Emirates, COPA.

Airline Tecnologite Inc.. asked Sticky to design and architect the Passenger Rebooking System of the future. Since most people don’t know, Passenger rebooking takes place when a flight has been disrupted due to a cancellation, delay, or diversion. The goal of passenger rebooking is to get all the passengers to their intended destination with as little arrival delay as possible. Previous attempts, by ATI, looked at the problem as an operations researcher would and failed to deliver the desired results. The industry itself was in many cases doing rebooking manually. The solution needed to be a gigantic leap forward to manage hundreds of thousands of passenger rebooking scenarios simultaneously.

To start, our team of engineers and designers worked with partner airlines to understand their processes. Many team members are accomplished photographers and knew intuitively to look in the other direction when everyone else running in the other. This mindset helped us genuinely understand

The resulting product was mechanically perfect, and the workflows offered network operations offered a gigantic leap forward in understanding the nature of the issues and being able to make tweaks on the fly to better represent the airline’s operational goals.