Changing the business aviation landscape for the 21 century

The Challenge

Increase bookings and reduce the workload on operators

The Outcome

A platform for business aviation clients to search, schedule, and pay for flight time online

Business aviation is incredibly sexy, from the outside. When a traveler or owner wants to fly the number of people and time needed to research, bargain and pay is prohibitive to growth. What’s worse is if you are not connected with a broker, operator, or owner getting information about business aviation can be challenging. In this project, we set out to simplify the search, book, and payment process to bring it in line with the commercial travel industry. The client is out to solve a big problem that is extraordinarily complex due to fragmentation and significant process differences.

To start, the design team created a few wireframe prototypes allowing travelers to search, book, and pay online. Sticky took those prototypes to owners, operators, brokers, and frequent travelers and asked them to use the prototype. The groups go to navigate the prototypes giving us feedback on process, design, and ease of use. The user interface demonstrated the primary benefits of the application, saving time, and gaining transparency. Users do need to give up some of the one-on-one charms the industry prides itself on, but for our test group, the this was a worthwhile trade-off for high volume transactions.

The team used the critical learnings for the interviews to develop an end to end system for travelers to search for over 4000 business aircraft and book them online.