Changing how we search and book travler

The Challenge

Change the way travel agents and travelers search for travel.

The Outcome

A suite of new digital products and services, and a shared language for an original method of working natural language search

The key to winning in travel e-commerce is convenience and choice. Yes, you can spend ten extra hours looking to a flight that is $10 cheaper, or you can use your voice to and request a trip in second and get tailored results;

"Mary and I must fly to San Francisco on January 11 in the morning, flying airline ABC in premium economy. We would like two hotel rooms in the mission district for three nights before flying back to Los Angeles on the evening of the 14.”

This method of using voice is much simpler are more intuitive than clicking text boxes. Your search results are also perfectly tailored to your exact needs as the system can infer a little bit about you. The system knows, how many people are flying, what airline, that it’s on a business trip, the people flying are not related, etc.

After putting themselves in the shoes of both travelers and customer service agents, designers set out to build a user interface that works with voice interaction. For travelers, Sticky developed a landing page where customers would begin dictation of their trip and receive prompts when they entered in copulate or provided incongruent information. The team developed a straightforward itinerary bases section process where the user sees different variations of their itinerary. This approach proved best during extensive user testing.

"Sticky’s human-centered design approach played a critical role in getting us from the initial idea to a fully developed product"

For customer service agents, designers developed an interface that transcribed a travelers request automatically from a phone conversation. The system would prompt the agent to ask specific questions when necessary.

The team leveraged Sticky customer network, which helped to quickly iterate and refine prototypes throughout the product development process. Having that core group involved every step of the way made it easy for the team to keep consumers at the center of the design and validate critical decisions quickly.