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The Challenge

Build a multi-recipient singel checkout workflow

The Outcome

Millions of dollars in gifting revenue




2018 Winner: Best New E-commerce Website (E-tail Canada E-commerce Awards)

Carnivore Club is a subscription e-commerce company for foodies who love charcuterie. Sticky’s design team worked to develop Carnivore Clubs brand identity, messaging, packaging, and user experience. Each design process is different, and the Carnivore Club challenged our group of,conscious eaters, yogis, and meditators to embrace the art of preparing cured meats. After many interviews with butchers and chefs to understand the art and science behind excellent charcuterie, the messaging team zeroed in on a strong point of view that cultivates and celebrates cured meat enthusiasts. The team would go on to make Carnivore Club an essential good for Meat enthusiasts with a superior yet accessible product.


Accessibility came in two forms. First, the packaging had to be premium and present the product inside beautifully. Eating is as much a visual experience as a tasing one os the team set out to design a box that would hold a variety of product in a visually appealing manner.Secondly, the websites user experience had to invite people to buy a monthly subscription and encourage people to gift products.Carnivore Club decided that gifting would be a significant revenue generator for the company. Sticky developed a multi-recipient single checkout workflow for the Carnivore Club, so people did not have to repeat the check out process.

Sticky brad team worked to design a powerful logo for the brand. The idea was to mix the old and new world in a crest that paid homage to charcuterie eating and the ferocious nature of the powerful animals depicted in the meat fork and claw marks, respectively.

Carnivore Club Awards:

2014 Winner: Most Innovative Marketing Campaign (Canada Post E-commerce Awards)
2018 Winner: Best New E-commerce Website (E-tail Canada E-commerce Awards)