Unlock hidden potential in every organization

The Challenge

Give experts and speakers the tools necessary to reach new audiences.

The Outcome

Built the world’s first expertise marketing platform.

The Impact

Delivering high-quality content from expert sources around the world

Companies like Apple, IDC, IBM, IKEA, and Google work hard to develop the culture, processes, and habits that drive their success. These organizations tend to build great people who can share their expert knowledge with the rest of the world-building the companies brand and their own.

Our team set out to design a platform to harness the expertise, insights, skills of these internal experts and help market them to conference organizers, journalists, etc. A crossfunctional team conducted participant interviews with HR leaders, conference organizers, professional speakers, and journalist. The feedback the team got allowed the team to design and then build a data-driven platform, that matched people with needs to people with the right set of skills.

These immersive experiences allow us to move beyond our expertise to see challenges with fresh eyes. In these moments, we build new levels of understanding and empathy that help us unlock aha

The most challenging design challenge was the onboarding experience. The team design team worked tirelessly to design each facet of the onboarding experience, pulling on experiences from many different projects to make it perfect. We understood that people creating profiles could not spend hours creating these profiles, so we needed to be strategic about what we asked and where we asked for it in the process.

The team worked closely with the “ demand” side of the equation, conference organizers, and journalist to understand what they needed to see about a person at a glance, before making a deep dive. This was a fascinating mini-study on how people parse and process information. Sticky is really proud of the work we did.